Si’s Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine Centre in Dee Why NSW,we provide comprehensive Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments to our patients, Our Goal Is to Provide Top Quality  Health Care Service.

  • Pain痛症: sports injuries, overuse or degeneration, pain management. Frozen shoulder, tennis elbow , neck, shoulder, back . Leg pain, Damaged Muscle. 肩周炎,网球肘,颈,肩,腰,腿疼
  • Morning Sickness晨僵, Stress抑郁 Insomnia失眠,
  • Emotional Imbalance, women/ man Health,
  • Weight Digestive Disorders, cold & Flu
  • Face Rejuvenation, Detox Allergies, Skin Conditions,
  • Fatigue immunity, Ageing Well Being
  • Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety. Damaged Muscle.
  • Morning Sickness, Stress, Emotional Imbalance.
  • Infertility不孕: Per-natal and Postpartum Support, Natural IVF.
  • Respiratory感冒咳嗽 : Frequent Colds, Acute& Lingering Coughs, Asthma.
  • Menopause跟年期综合症: Hot flushes, Sleeplessness, Night Sweating.
  • Menstrual 妇科:period pain, Painful, Irregular, PMT, Heavy Period.
  • Digestive肠胃病: Diarrhea, Constipation, Abdominal or Gastric pain.Weight Digestive disorders
  • Paediatric儿科 :Eczema, Cold, Cough , Asthma, Poor Appetite
  • Skin皮肤科: Acne. Skin Conditions,
  • Healthy Ageing保健: Arthritic Joints, Menopause ,Memory loss.
  • Poor Health亚健康: Fatigue Immunity , Age Well Being. Insomnia, Poor Circulation , Stress.
  • Detox allergies,Women and Man health