Dad Crush is all about taboo fantasy sex adventures that takes place in households. Before in Australia such a being asked! A young girls quest for mature sexual experiences is the start of the DADCRUSH. Daughters doing whatever they can to compete for step-dads everlasting love. These teen sluts will go above and beyond what it takes to show their fathers how much they adore them, sacrificing their virgin pussies for a sweet taste of papas pecker. This site have many content as of today because it was just launched on AUG 2016, however the archive keeps growing with steady periodical updates.

New DadCrush series trailer:

The navigation of this site is simple, everything is accessed from one page. The Dad Crush movies can be downloaded in 1080i HD mp4s or streamed online in Web HD. Pictures with the updates, sometimes these have screen captures mixed in among them. The sets can be saved in a Zip file download as well. There are no bonuses or extras website so the small site with small collection but for their taboo contents and hardcore action it’s not a bad website to take a look.

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